Transforming water to a new level of taste and purity by
emulating nature to create Healthier Bio-Compatible
Water directly from your tap

Infrared and Negative Ion Healing

TheraH20 harnesses the natural effects of light energy, specifically the full infrared spectrum of the sun to re-balance, re-structure and energize water.

Vortex Water Restructuring

TheraH20’s Vortex Fast Flow Faucet emulates mother nature’s natural action of reducing water to micro-clusters. The smaller the cluster, the better the absorption and hydration into the cells, providing vital health benefits for people, animals, and plants.

Energized with Rare Gemstones

When water passes over our proprietary gemstone technology it becomes balanced, infused with electrical energy from the sun and magnetic energy from the earth for extraordinary healing potential.


We are a nation that drinks water, yet 68% of Americans tested are dehydrated. That is because most of the
water consumed is not adequately utilized by our bodies. It just passes through and never really provides us
with any benefits. Most water companies scrub and filter water, taking out harmful chemicals like chlorine and
flouride, along with any beneficial chemicals. In the process, water’s natural pH balance is changed all for the

TheraH2O has revolutionized the process. We return the water to its original composition as found in nature.
This brings balance and harmony to the body and improves the interaction of the rest of the fluids..

TheraH2O utilizes state of the art FAR Infrared technology to re-structure the water and optimise absorption,
as nature planned it to be. Using activated carbon and special paramagnetic materials, we soften our water,
infuse negative ions restoring pH balance, to help the body neutralize excessive and harmful free radicals.