TheraGoods products are proudly powered by the unsurpassed cutting edge application of “Full Spectrum InfraRed Technology” pioneered by our chief scientist/inventor/partner Robby Besner of the renowned Therasage company.

We are thrilled to share with you the launch of TheraH20, the first of a number of revolutionary products. TheraH20 advanced filtration and restructuring technology comes pure and energized water as nature intended, delivering “wetter water”; healthier water that is most bio-compatible water for people, pets, and plants Finally, an effective, convenient, and affordable way to filter all contaminants A to Z, including chlorine, fluoride, lead and other heavy metals, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals that contaminate our water supply- and our health- in just about every municipal water supply.

Yet, it is also what we add -or return- to the water that makes our water uniquely superior. Our trademarked vitality vortex technology, rare gemstone, and infrared technologies mimic nature and create vibrant, living water, naturally restructured and balanced, hydrating and delicious alkaline pH water as nature intended.